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The Bet

by Mac


Rating: NC-17
BEWARE - Riley bashing takes place in this fic.
Summary: Buffy decides to make a bet with Faith. It's an AU - Riley and Dawn are both there, Joyce isn't (I dunno where she is, maybe she's on holiday for this story) so its kinda taking bits from all seasons! Initiative doesn't exist. Willow and Tara live in another apartment somewhere else.

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As Buffy approached the bathrooms, she felt a slight tingle in her belly. Which meant one of two things, there were vampires in the bathroom or Faith was there. She hoped it was the latter because she didn't want to deal with any demon thingies on her day off. When she pushed open the door a familiar smell hit her.

"Oooh Faith! Oh God!! Oh yes..."

Buffy's eyes widened, Faith was doing it... with another girl?! She couldn't believe it! Faith didn't tell her that she was... gay... lesbian... whatever. This she had to see. She slowly approached the last cubicle, Faith had been stupid enough to leave the door unlocked. Or maybe she had been in such a rush to get into this girl's panties there hadn't been enough time to lock the door.

"Oh fuck! Faith... just... please... there...!"

She gently pushed the door open, she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Faith was on her knees, between the legs of some blonde girl who was sitting on the toilet, the brunette's arms were under her legs, pulling her pussy as close and as hard as possible against her mouth. By the looks of things, Faith had an extremely talented mouth. Buffy's own pussy began to respond to the scene, she felt her eyes begin to close as she imagined that Faith was sliding her tongue around her clit.

The blonde chick had her eyes shut tight in ecstasy as she rode against Faith's mouth, her hands were buried in the brunette's hair, and her legs were locked behind her back. Buffy locked the door to the bathrooms and went back to watch, they were both still oblivious to the blonde slayer's presence.

"FAITH! I'm gonna come all over your face!" The blonde screamed as her back arched away from the wall and her whole body shock with the orgasm. Faith appeared to be trying to get her mouth closer to the blonde's pussy, the girl's hips gyrated and shuddered against the brunette's mouth.

But to Buffy's surprise Faith didn't let up, she continued to work the girl's pussy with her tongue.

"Again?! Faith... I c-can't...!" But her hips still thrust against Faith's mouth, seemingly uncontrollably. Her next orgasm came quickly, she screamed as Faith pushed two fingers inside her pussy and collapsed against the wall but Faith still didn't stop.

"Stop! Faith please...! I... Oooh god!!" Despite her words, Buffy could see that her hands actually seemed to be holding Faith's head as close as possible to her pussy.

Faith pumped the two fingers in and out of her contracting, wet pussy and her mouth focused entirely on her clit, she flicked it with her tongue and sucked it into her mouth. The blonde screamed as the third orgasm hit her, Faith curled her fingers inside her pussy and caressed her g-spot before finally pulling away. Buffy stepped away from the cubicle and into the one beside it. She could still hear them speaking.

The blonde girl was breathing hard.

"Say it." Faith's husky voice growled, sending a shiver through Buffy's body. It was certainly a side to Faith that she had never witnessed before.

"Ok, ok, ok... you win Faith."

"Was I right? Say it."

"Yeah! Ok! No one has ever licked my... my p-pussy as well as you just did..."

"Now get out of my sight. I'll give ya a call."

Buffy watched as the girl stumbled out of the cubicle on shaky legs, she fumbled with the door to the bathrooms until she had it unlocked and almost ran down the stairs. Buffy stepped out of her cubicle as Faith stepped out of hers, the brunette jumped when she saw the blonde.


"Jesus! About frickin' time!" A girl ran into the bathrooms and into a cubicle.

Faith turned back to the blonde. "W-What are you doing here?"

Whatever cockiness Faith had, it was now gone. "It's a bathroom Faith, take a guess."

Faith's eyes darted about nervously. "How long-"

"Long enough." Buffy smirked at the brunette's embarrassment. She could see some of the girls'... secretions on Faith's mouth, chin and neck. "You may need to clean up before you go outside." Buffy giggled.

Faith turned to the sink and began to clean her face, throwing cold water onto it.

"Faith, why didn't you tell me?"

"Tell you what?" Faith grumbled.

"That you are... you know..."

"Into girls?"


"I dunno, guess I didn't think it was any of your business." Faith shrugged and went to get some paper to dry her face.

"Of course it's my business!" Buffy walked after her. "I'm... well... the closest person to you. I'd like to know these things."

"Ok, well B, I got something to tell you." Faith spun around. "I'm into girls. Ok? Happy now?"

"No. I could have been all flirtatious and sexy around you." Buffy grinned at Faith's wide eyes.

"What are you talking about?"

The girl who came in earlier came out of the cubicle looking at the slayers strangely. Faith glared back at her.

"What the fuck are you looking at?"

She quickly scuttled out of the bathroom. Faith turned back to the blonde slayer.

"All I'm saying is that I could have been very flirty around you, giving you the wrong signals and you could have... well, jumped me."

Faith laughed. "B, I have total self-control. I wouldn't... 'jump you'." Faith shook her head, still laughing. "I don't go after everything in a skirt, you know. Besides, what about Riley?"

"I wouldn't have been serious. Total self-control? At all times?"

"In a situation like you just described, yeah I think I would be able to control myself." Faith nodded, self assuredly.

"Even if I was rubbing my body against yours...?" Buffy asked suggestively, she watched as Faith's eye twitched.

"Yeah! I would."

"Wanna place a bet on that?"

Faith frowned.

Buffy teased her. "You chicken?"

"Ok, what are the conditions?"

"If I win, I get to keep your leather jacket."

"And if I win?" Faith asked, the stakes were high, this jacket had been everywhere with her. It held great sentimental value to the dark slayer. If she was gonna be in this bet, it had to for something she would really, really like.

"Well, what would you like?"

Faith bit her bottom lip. "You, as my slave for an entire week. You have to do anything I ask of you. Understand what I mean?"

Buffy's eyes widened.

"Who's chicken now?"

"Ok, I agree." Buffy shook Faith's hand. "I can do anything to seduce you, and if you respond in any way, I've won."

"Ok, but you can't kiss me because that's not fair. What about Riley? I think he'd be kinda pissed if you started coming on to me."

"Can't kiss you on the lips. I won't tell him, what he doesn't know won't hurt him. Besides, it's only a game. It's not serious. And if you cave before four weeks that jacket is mine." Buffy smirked.

"And if I don't... your body, mind... belongs to me."

Buffy swallowed hard, but still shook Faith's outstretched hand again.


They walked home together.

"So... what was that about you winning something?" Buffy asked quietly as they surveyed the graveyard.


"In the bathroom, with the girl. She said you'd won."

Faith shrugged. "It was nothing."

"Faith! C'mon! I wanna know." "Ok, well... basically she said that men could give head to women just as well as another woman could. I said no fucking way. One thing led to another and then I said that I bet I could eat your... you know... and it would be the best you've ever had. So she said prove it. And I did."

"And you won."

Faith laughed. "I sure did." She glanced around the cemetery. "Man, this place is dead tonight."

"As opposed to undead?"

"Yeah I guess."

"You know, we could actually make our own fun." Buffy smiled seductively at Faith.

The brunette snickered. "Starting early B?"

"Why not?" Buffy moved against Faith, pressing her body into her side. Faith swallowed. Maybe this was going to be harder than she originally thought."Because we got incoming." Faith whispered into the blonde's ear. They both sprung into action.

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